Shoes make

Rep the last 2 rows for 8cm/3in from cast-on edge, ending row 2.

Shape Instep

Next row K12, moss st 12, turn.

Next row Moss st 12, turn.

Work 24 rows in moss st on centre 12 sts for instep.

Break off yam.

Wth right side facing, rejoin yam at base of instep and pick up and k12 sts along side of instep, k across centre 12 sts then pick up and k12 sts along other side of instep, k rem 12 sts. 60 sts.

Next row (wrong side) [Pick up st 5 rows below corresponding with next st on left-hand needle and k them tog] to end. Work 12 rows in moss st. Break off yam. Shape Sole

Next row Slip first 24 sts onto right-hand needle, rejoin yam and k12 sts, turn.

Next row K11, k2tog. turn. Rep last row until 12 sts rem. Next row [K2tog] to end. Cast off rem 6 sts. Join back seam, reversing seam back cuff.

With double length of 4 ply yam, edge.

on top 3cm/1 V&in for cuff. Turn work in blanket st round cuff

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