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  1. Felting will shrink a knitted piece by approximately 20%, although this can vary.
  2. After deciding the finished size of the grid from which to cut the heart shape, increase the size of the piece to knit, by 20% (e.g., to obtain a felted 5"/13cm square, the knitted size should be approximately 6"/15cm square before felting).
  3. Knit the square in stocking (stockinette) stitch and proceed with the felting instructions. Felting Instructions
  4. The most efficient felting method is a full washing machine cycle set at "Hot" or "Whites".
  5. Run through the normal washing cycle, including rinse and spin dry.
  6. It may require two or more washing cycles to obtain the felted finish.
  7. When the felting is held up to a strong light, the stitches and rows are barely visible.
  8. Allow the felted knitting to dry thoroughly before assembling the hearts.
  9. When dry, brush the felting for a smoother surface texture.
  10. Felted items can also be pressed lightly with a low-setting steam iron and a damp cloth. Finishing
  11. Print out the heart pattern and cut two pieces from the felted knitting. With WS together, using needle and thread, join the two heart shapes by working a small overcast stitch around the edge, ensuring the seam is securely closed and leaving a small opening.
  12. Fill the heart with the rice and tea (if using) and sew the opening closed.
  13. With the contrast color yarn, work an overcast stitch around the edge of the heart.
  14. Tie an 8"/20cm length of ribbon into a bow and secure with a small sewing stitch.
  15. Do not use a metal safety pin to attach the ribbon.
  16. The felted hearts if made from the materials listed can be heated and used as a soothing wrist rest while computer mousing, a spot muscle relaxer, or a hand warmer.
  17. Place the felted heart in the microwave and heat in 30-second increments for NO MORE than one minute. With cloth or oven glove, remove from the microwave and enjoy!

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