Beaded Knitting Prestrung atop Slip Stitches

Afro-centric Vest with Wooden Beads

This method employs slipped stitches, with die yarn to the right side of the work. Each head is pushed up to the knitting, where it lies on the strand of yarn as a float atop the slipped stitch.

The stitch that the bead sits on top of is not knitted bui slipped instead. Always slip as if to purl. The bead sits on top of the unknitted stitch on the floated strand of yarn. Thus, on the wrong side of stockinette stitch (or die purl side), bring the yarn to the back when a bead is desired, slip the stitch, bring the bead up to the needle and keep it to the back of the work (or the right side), then bring the yarn to die front again to purl. On die right side of stockinette stitch (or the knit side), bring the yarn to the Iront when a bead is desired, slip rhc sritch, bring the bead up to the needle and keep ic to the front of rhc work (or the right side), then bring the yarn to rhe back again to knit. This method may be employed in any stitch pattern, as long as rhe yarn is to rhe right side of the slip stitch(es).

If a bead is particularly long, more than one stirch may be slipped. I suggest no more than five stitches be slipped consecutively; too long a float, as in stranded color-work, can catch 011 fingers, rings, and rhc like. This method is also not very secure. 1 advise against heavy or weighty beads since die only thing holding the bead up is that floated strand of yarn. For this reason, springier or more elastic yarns can be used with great results. An inelastic yarn may prove too limp to hold the bead, unless a firm gauge is employed. The advantage to this method, however, is that the bead stands our. The fabric from behind forces the bead forward.

Note: You cant constantly slip/not-knit rhe same stitch over and over again. Thus, il you desire a vertical "stacking" of beads, slip every oilier row.

Notice how, in borh methods presented so far, the bead is horizontal or lying 011 its side and is held in place by a single strand ol yarn. If you're not careful, your crescent moon may become a frown or that figurine you thought would look good rendered in beads will be lying down on rhe job!


Bead sirs on top of slip stitch in front

Vertical line of slipped stitches
Heart heads hath hetween-stitches and slipped
0 0


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