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Head knit through stitch

One can actually knii a prestrung bead through the actual stitch. After inserting the needle into the stitch, as you wrap rhe yarn around the needle, snuggle ihe bead up to the junction between the two needles, then knit both rhe yarn and bead through rhc stitch. 1 have found that using the left index finger (knitting) or rhe left thumb (purling) helps to push the bead through when you're working the stitch.

Notice how the bead can fall to either the right or wrong side of rhe fabric. This is because the bead may follow the path of the actual looped stitch itself. Thus it may sit on either "leg' of a stitch.

lb make sure the bead does nor jump around, and to cover up the stitch evenly, work the stitch rhnr rhc bead is on through its back loop on the subsequent row.

To knit a bead, stitch through back loop; make sure the bead is to rhe right side (or in front of the needle). Insert the right needle tip in the back of the stitch and knit, lb purl a bead, stitch through back loop; make sure the bead is to the right side (or in back of the needle). Insert rhe right needle tip in the back of the stitch, make sure the needle rip is above rhe bead, and purl.

The bead now lies on a diagonal like needlepoint stitches, or rhc earth on its axis. Repeat this beading process on each and every stitch and you have the basis of true Bead Knitting.

Knit bead stitch through back loop Purl bead stitch through back loop

Bead pur! through stitch

Head position possibilities

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