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Techniques and Projects

1 Preparation

2 Beaded Knitting: Prestrung, between Stitches

Patagonian Night Sky Scarf, Ode to Pablo Neruda Socks. Harry Winston I Has Nothing on Me Necklace,Trompe L'Oeil Cables

3 Beaded Knitting: Prestrung, atop Slip Stitches

Afro-centric Vest with Wooden Beads

4 Beaded Knitting: Prestrung, Knitted through Stitches

Vargas Girl Pullover

5 Bead Knitting: Prestrung, Knitted through Stitches

Floral Beaded Pockets-Kriit

6 Beaded Knitting: Hoisted atop Stitches bthereal Lace Tunic, Bogus Bohus Cardigan

7 Separate Strand ofYarn with Beads

Mosaic Madness Bag

8 Sewing on Beads

Raj Pillow

9 Crocheting on Beads, or Tambour Embroidery

Homage to Haring Jacket 10 Mixed Methods in Knitting

Cabled Tunic, Grace Kelly Collar I I Crocheting with Beads in Chain Stitch

Amulet Bag

12 Crocheting with Beads in Single Crochet

PDA Cover/Purse, Suspended in Space Stoie I 3 Crocheting with Beads in Half-Double Crochet I'm Biased Headband and Wristlets

14 Crocheting with Beads in Double Crochet

Plum Lines Vest

15 True Bead Knitting in Crochet

Floral Beaded Pockets-Crochet

16 Mixed Methods in Crochet

Crocheted Choker and Necklace

17 Extras for Knitting and Crocheting: Looping Techniques, Bugles, Spangles

Burnished Metal Lariat/Belt. Shimmy Camisoie

18 Planning Your Own Patterning and Projects


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