CO 2 sts. Work Rows 1-7 of chart, adding a bead beg of each row starting with Row 2. Rows 1—7 art ten out in words as follows:

nit on 'WS _ Killern repeat

Row 9 and all RS rows: BUB, yon, knit to end—1 st increased.

Row 10: BUB, yon. k3, BUB, l<2, BUB, k4—10 sis. Row 12: BUB, yon, lo, BUB, k6—12 sts. Row 14: BUB, yon, knit to end—14 sts.

Work Rows 1 5-30 from chart—30 srs. Repeat Rows 1 5-30 fifteen more times, continuing to add a bead at the beginning ol" each row as established; you may find it helpful ro place markers between each pattern repeat—

270 sts; 270 rows completed. Work a RS row—271 sts;

271 rows completed. On the next row (WS) BO with beads as follows: [K1, pi] in same st to inc 1, pass first st over second st to BO 1, "BUB, |kl, pass first st over second st to BO I] twice; rep from * across. Weave in ends.

From here on, every row will be worked as BUB, yon, work in pattern to end. There will be a bead at the beginning ol every row, each row will add 1 more st, and alter you complete each row the number of srs should equal the row number.

Beginning with Row 8, add beads in the body of the scarf as shown on chart. Rows 8-14 arc written our in words as follows:

0 0

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