Prestring about 234 (234, 240, 240) beads. Using cir needle and RS facing, and beg at right shoulder seam, r:ck up and knit 71 (71, 73, 73) sts across back neck, then pick up and knit 85 (85, 87, 87) srs evenly across -Tont neck—156 (156, 160, 160) sts. Place marker to indicate beg of round (rnd). Working in the rnd with the RS of piece facing you ar all times, work setup rnd of neckband ribbing as follows: *K1, pi; rep from * around. Work beaded ribbing in the rnd as follows: Rnd I: "BKl, pi, kl, pi; rep from x around. Rnd2: "K1 rbl, pi, kl, pi; rep from * around. Rnd3: *K1, pi, BKl, pi; rep from * around. Rnd 4: "Kl, pi, kltbl, pi; rep from + around.

Repeat Rnds 1-4 twice more—13 rnds total, including the setup rnd; neckband measures about 11/" (3.2 cm). On the next rnd, BO all sts loosely in ribbing. Weave in ends.




■ ' yam apposite direction in pur/
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