Antique Diamond Pattern

This is one of the oldest known forms of Openwork Diamonds. In the ancient Spanish fashion it uses yo's and decreases on both sides of the fabric. Another point of archaic style is that the basis of the pattern is Garter Stitch. These Antique Diamonds are beautiful in their way; but like all laces of this early type the pattern requires certain special attentions. It should be worked in very fine yarn with an easy tension, and the fabric must be well stretched vertically when it is blocked.

Multiple of 10 sts plus 1.

Row 1 (Right side)—Kl, * yo, ssk, k5, k2 tog, yo, kl; repeat from *.

Row 2—PI, * pi, yo, p2 tog, k3, p2 tog-b, yo, p2; repeat from *. Row 3—Kl, * k2, yo, ssk, kl, k2 tog, yo, k3; repeat from *. Row 4—Kl, * k2, pi, yo, p3 tog, yo, pi, k3; repeat from *. Row 5—Kl, * k2, k2 tog, yo, kl, yo, ssk, k3; repeat from *. Row 6—Kl, * kl, p2 tog-b, yo, p3, yo, p2 tog, k2; repeat from *. Row 7—Kl, * k2 tog, yo, k5, yo, ssk, kl; repeat from *. Row 8—P2 tog, * yo, pl,,k5, pi, yo, p3 tog; repeat from *, end last repeat p2 tog instead of p3 tog.

Repeat Rows 1-8.

+1 0

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