Bead Stitch

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Bead Stitch

Bead Stitch is a basic Shetland lace pattern used as a construction unit in more complicated laces (See Four Sisters Medallion Pattern, Shetland Twins, etc.) Little "beads" formed in this manner are found in Spanish lacc patterns as well, demonstrating the Spanish ancestry of Shetland lace. Bead Stitch also makes a pretty allover lace when panels are repeated continuously as shown, on a multiple of 7 stitches; or, one, two, three or more plain knit stitches may be inserted between panels to make a more solid fabric with vertical columns of lace.

Panel of 7 sts.

Row 1 (Right side)—Kl, k2 tog, yo, kl, yo, ssk, kl. Row 2—P2 tog-b, yo, p3, yo, p2 tog. Row 3—Kl, yo, ssk, kl, k2 tog, yo, kl. Row 4—P2, yo, p3 tog, yo, p2.

Repeat Rows 1-4.

Four Sisters Medallion Pattern
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