Brioche Stitch

Brioche Stitch is the basic member of a large family of patterns of Eastern origin (see Double Brioche, Waffle Brioche, Syncopated Brioche, Tunisian Knitting, etc.). The elements of all such patterns arc (1) a slipped stitch, and (2) a yarn-over; these are knitted together on the return row.

Brioche Stitch, worked in medium-weight yarn on average needles, forms a deep, soft, tidy-looking ribbing that is useful in many ways. It has a lot of "give", and thus is good for knitted articles that are likely to be subjected to pulling and twisting, such as scarves, baby blankets, and shawls. Worked in fine yarn, it makes a mesh-like lace that is ideal for fancy stockings.

Origin Brioche Knitting
Brioche Stitch

If Brioche Stitch is used as a straight ribbing on the lower edge or cuff of a garment, the last row at the end of the ribbine should be worked as follows: omit the yo, (pi, k2 tog) across. The same applies to binding off. It is important to bind off vcr, loosely. All slip-stitches are slipped with yarn in back.

Even number of sts.

Row 1 (preparation row)—* Yo, si 1, kl; rep from *. Row 2—* Yo, si 1, k2 tog (slip-stitch and yo of previous row : rep from *.

Omit first row, repeat Row 2 only.

Eyelet Rib Knitting Stitch
above, left: Single Eyelet Rib above, right: Double Eyelet Rib below: In combination

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