Cluster Stitch

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Cluster Stitch

In this pattern no stitches are cabled—that is, crossed over each other. But the work does require the use of a cable needle, and so Cluster Stitch is classified as a cable pattern.

Like Bobbles, a series of Clusters can be used as a fancy texture spot-pattern, as shown. Or, Clusters can be worked as a form of Smocking, to tie together various sizes of knit-purl ribs. (See Ribbed Cluster Diamond Pattern.) Larger Clusters can be made by winding the yarn more times; smaller ones by winding fewer times. The winding can be tight or loose, depending on whether the knitter wishes the clustered stitches squeezed together or not.

Multiple of 6 sts plus 5.

Row 1 (Wrong side) and all other wrong-side rows—Purl. Row 2—Knit.

Row 4—K4, * knit next 3 sts and transfer the 3 sts just knitted onto dpn; then wind yarn 6 times counterclockwise (looking down from top) around these 3 sts under dpn; then return the 3 sts to right-hand needle (Cluster 3); k3; rep from *, end kl. Row 6—Knit.

Row 8—Kl, * Cluster 3, k3; rep from *, end Cluster 3, kl. Repeat Rows 1-8.

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