Corn on the Cob Stitch

This fabric, knitted in narrow vertical stripes, is nubby and very dense. It is well suited to heavy knitted coats and jackets calculated to keep the wind out; and it can be done also in fine yarn for such articles as gloves.

Even number of sts. Colors A and B.

Cast on with Color A and knit one row.

Row 1 (Right side)—With B, kl, * kl, si 1 wyib; rep from *, end kl.

Row 2—With B, kl, * si 1 wyif, kl; rep from *, end kl. Row 3—With A, kl, * si 1 wyib, kl-b; rep from *, end kl. Row 4—With A, kl, * kl, si 1 wyif; rep from *, end kl.

Repeat Rows 1-4.


Work Pin Stripe Pattern the same as Corn on the Cob Stitch, except in Rows 2 and 4 purl instead of knit.

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