Faggoting is a basic lace stitch. It is, in fact, lace reduced to its two bare essentials: (1) a yarn-over stitch and (2) a decrease. Typically, faggoting consists of just these two operations and the pattern has only one row. In spite of this simple structure there are a surprising number of different types of faggoting.

Faggoting may be used as a vertical insertion, to set off other patterns. Or it may be used as an allover fabric, in which case it resembles a form of netting and has great elasticity. Thus it is very good for fancy stockings or tights, openwork gloves, dress sleeves and the like.


Even number of sts. Kl, * yo, ssk; rep from *, end kl. Repeat this row.

What kind of a decrease is used does make a difference, as can be seen from the next type of faggoting which is known as Turkish Stitch. Turkish Stitch is done just like Basic Faggoting except for the decrease, yet its appearance is quite different. Turkish Stitch may be worked in heavy yarn to make a nearly solid fabric with a pleasingly textured appearance and a lot of stretch.


Even number of sts. Kl, * yo, k2 tog; rep from *, end kl. Repeat this row.

Still another difference is shown by still another decrease. In Purse Stitch, the decrease is purled, thus the fabric is looser and more open than Basic Faggoting because of the greater distance a yarn-over must travel (i.e., all the way around the needle) when the next stitch is to be purled. Purse Stitch is extremely elastic.


Even number of sts. Kl, * yo, p2 tog; rep from *, end kl. Repeat this row.

If two more stitches are added to the Purse Stitch pattern, there will be little vertical garter-stitch ribs between open faggoting. The result is called Feather Faggot.


Multiple of 4 sts. * Kl, yo, p2 tog, kl; rep from *. Repeat this row.

Knit Fagot Rib

upper band: Half Herringbone Faggot second band: Herringbone Faggot third band: Reverse Herringbone Faggot lower rand: Double Herringbone Faggot

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