Grecian Plait Stitch

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Since this pattern is worked on the same principle as Threaded Stitch, i.e., passing the second stitch over the first as the knitting is done, one would think the two patterns would be similar in appearance. But this is not at all the case. The Grecian Plait Stitch makes a fascinating fabric that looks like many tiny braids set close together, with open spaces at the points where the stitches are crossed.

Even number of sts.

Note: Two needle sizes are used, one needle to be 4 sizes larger than the other. Cast on large needle. There is one preparatory row.

Special note on method: the object of the knitting action on all right-side rows (except preparatory row) is to pass the second stitch over the first, either before or while knitting it. This may be accomplished in several ways. One way is as follows: insert point of right-hand needle as if to purl into second stitch, lift this stitch over first stitch, then lay it down upon the left-hand needle in front of (that is, nearer to the needle point) the first stitch; then knit this second stitch from this position; then knit the other stitch.

A second method, perhaps a little easier to work, is as follows: insert point of right-hand needle into the second stitch as if to knit, then take the tip of right-hand needle around the first stitch on its right, to the back; catch yarn and knit; then slip the second stitch off left-hand needle over the first stitch, being careful not to let the first stitch come off with it. Then knit the first stitch.

Either way this action is done, it is called "knit second st over, k first St."

Row 1 (Preparatory row, right side)—with small needle, knit. Row 2—With large needle, purl.

Row 3—* K 2nd st over, k 1st st (see special note); rep from * across.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3.


Quite a different texture effect may be had by working the Grecian Plait Stitch in alternating fashion. This would require four pattern rows: Rows 2 and 3 of Grecian Plait Stitch plus two more:

Row 4—With large needle, purl.

Row 5—With small needle, kl, * k 2nd st over, k 1st st (see special note on Grecian Plait Stitch); rep from * across to last st, end kl.

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above: Grecian Plait Stitch bf.low: Grecian Plait Stitch variation

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