Heel Stitch

above: Heel Stitch below: Close Stitch

Every knitter of socks is familiar with this pattern, which is commonly used to reinforce the heels. But both Heel Stitch and its relative Close Stitch have many other uses. They arc good for any article that is going to have to sustain rough wear, such as gloves, cushion covers, chair scats, mats, the soles of knitted slippers, etc. Heel Stitch can be effectively used in making durable coats, jackcts, or children's leggings. Done in heavy yarn on small needles it is virtually windproof and creates a very strong fabric.

Odd number of sts.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2. VARIATION: CLOSE STITCH

Work the same as Heel Stitch except in Row 1 knit instead of purl. This pattern is particularly good for borders, as it will lie flat with no curl and is very firm. Close Stitch, due to its Garter-Stitch foundation, is vertically nearly twice as dense as Heel Stitch.

Heel Stitch
Three-and-One Pattern

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