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Indian Cross Stitch

Both sides of this interesting fabric will show the sa::.

tern. It is very nice for scarves, baby blankets, and s:

wherever a loose, open pattern is desired.

Multiple of 8 sts.

Row 5—Kl, * insert needle into next st and wrap yarn 4 around the point of needle, then knit the st withdrawing _ the wraps along with the needle. Repeat from * on ever- i across row to last st, ending kl.

Row 6—* SI 8 sts wyib, dropping all extra wraps, thus forr- - r 8 long sts on right-hand needle. Then insert left-hand neciLe into the first 4 of these 8 long sts and pass them over taJ second 4. Then return all sts to left-hand needle and knit tbe 8 sts in this crossed order, the 2nd 4 first and the origins, first 4 next. Rep from * on each group of 8 sts.

Row 12—SI 4 sts dropping extra wraps, then cross 2 over 2 as in Row 6 and knit these 4; * si 8, cross, and knit as in Ro* 6; rep from * on each group of 8 sts across row to last 4 s"_-end by crossing 2 over 2.

Repeat Rows 1-12.

Indian Cross Stitch Knitting
Slipped Double Cables left: "Closing" Double Cable center: "Opening" Double Cable right: Slipped Chain Cable

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