Long Slip Textured Pattern

Because of the slip-stitches extended over three rows, this fabric has considerable tendency to shorten and curl, so that many rows are required for a given length. But it is a cosy fabric, with a deep, soft, honeycomb-like texture, good for warm winter clothing.

Odd number of sts.

Row 3—Kl, * si 1 wyif, pi; rep from *, end si 1, kl.

Row 6—K2, * si 1 wyib, kl; rep from *, end kl. Row 7—Kl, pi, * si 1 wyif, pi; rep from *, end kl. Row 8—Repeat Row 6.

Repeat Rows 1-8.

Slipped-Stitch Ridges

Long-Slip Textured Pattern

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