An embossed design of knit stitches on a purled ground, with eyelets setting off the knit-stitch "drops". There are many possibilities for varying this pattern.

Multiple of 6 sts plus 5.

Note: Stitch count docs not remain constant. Accurate count may be taken on rows 6 or 12.

Row 1 (Right side)—P5, * kl, yo, p5; rep from *. Rows 2 and 4—K5, * p2, k5; rep from *. Rows 3 and 5—P5, * k2, p5; rep from *. Row 6—K5, * p2 tog, k5; rep from *.

Row 7—P2, * kl, yo, p5; rep from *, end kl, yo, p2. Rows 8 and 10—K2, * p2, k5; rep from *, end p2, k2. Rows 9 and 11—P2, * k2, p5; rep from *, end k2, p2. Row 12—K2, * p2 tog, ko; rep from *, end p2 tog, k2.

Repeat Rows 1-12.

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