Ribbed Cluster Diamond Pattern

A cable needle is required for the Cluster Stitch in Rows 10 and 20, but the rest of this pattern is worked in twist stitches. Of course, if the knitter prefers, the entire pattern may be worked as a Cable Pattern with the traveling stitches moved along by the cable needle instead of by twists.

Multiple of 12 sts plus 1.

Row 1 (Wrong side)—P2, * k4, pi, k4, p3; rep from *, end last repeat p2.

Row 2—Kl, * skip 1 st and purl into back of 2nd st, then knit skipped st through front, si both sts from needle together (Left Twist, LT); p3, kl, p3, skip 1 st and knit the second st, then purl skipped st, si both sts from needle together (Right Twist, RT); kl; rep from *. Row 3—PI, * kl, pi, (k3, pi) twice, kl, pi; rep from *. Row 4—Kl, * pi, LT, p2, kl, p2, RT, pi, kl; rep from *. Row 5—PI, * k2, pi; rep from *.

Row 6—Kl, * p2, LT, pi, kl, pi, RT, p2, kl; rep from *. Row 7—Pi, * k3, (pi, kl) twice, pi, k3, pi; rep from *. Row 8—Kl, * p3, LT, kl, RT, p3, kl; rep from *. Row 9—PI, * k4, p3, k4, pi; rep from *.

Row 10—Kl, * p4, knit next 3 sts and transfer these 3 sts to dpn; then wrap yarn 4 times around these sts under dpn in a counterclockwise direction (looking down from top), then return the 3 sts to right-hand needle (Cluster 3); p4, kl; rep from *.

Rows 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19—Repeat Rows 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1.

Row 14—Kl, * p2, RT, pi, kl, pi, LT, p2, kl; rep from *.

Row 16—Kl, * pi, RT, p2, kl, p2, LT, pi, kl; rep from *.

Row 20—K2, * p4, kl, p4, Cluster 3; rep from *, end p4, kl, p4, k2.

Repeat Rows 1-20.


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