Shell Mesh



Shell Mesk

This pattern is similar to the Crochet-Knit Shell Pattern, but with a few significant differences. The loose and wavy-quality of the crochet-knit version disappears here, to be replaced by a square filet-like effect. The mesh is firmer, and therefore applicable to a wider variety of uses. The pattern is worked from the wrong side instead of from the right side, and it goes more quickly and easily.

Multiple of 6 sts plus 1.

Row 3—Pi, * (yo) twice, si 2 wyif, p3 tog, p2sso, (yo) twice, pi; rep from *.

Row 4—Kl, * (kl, pi) into double yo, kl, (pi, kl) into next double yo, kl; rep from *. Rows 5 and 6—Knit.

Row 7—P3 tog, * (yo) twice, pi, (yo) twice, si 2 wyif, p3 tog, p2sso; rep from *, end (yo) twice, pi, (yo) twice, p3 tog. Row 8—Kl, * (pi, kl) into double yo, kl, (kl, pi) into next double yo, kl; rep from *.

Repeat Rows 1-8.

above: Diagonal Demi-Brioche center: Contrasting color in Rows 3 and 4 below: Contrasting color in Rows 2 and 3

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