Threaded Stitch

Diagonal Woven Knit Stitch
above: Threaded Stitch below: Threaded Stitch variation

Also called Flecked Stitch, Diaper Stitch, Threaded Cross Stitch, etc. This pattern gives a charming diagonal-weave texture, the stitches being drawn upward to right and left crossing under and over one another. There is one preparatory row which is not to be included in subsequent repeats.

Even number of sts.

Note: Two needle sizes are used, one needle to be 3 to 4 sizes larger than the other. Cast on larger needle.

Row 1 (Preparatory row, right side)—With small needle, knit. Row 2—With large needle, purl.

Row 3—With small needle, * insert tip of right-hand needle through first st as if to purl, k the second st and leave on needle, then k the first st through back loop, slip both sts together from left-hand needle; rep from *. Row 4—With large needle, purl.

Row 5—With small needle, kl, * k second st through first st, then k first st in back loop as before; rep from * across to last st, kl.

Repeat Rows 2-5.


The texture is altered to one which has less of a diagonally-woven quality by leaving out Rows 4 and 5, and repeating Rows 2 and 3 only.

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