Twist Stitch Patterns

The principle of twist stitches is a simple one: it is a method of twisting two or more stitches around each other in cable fashion, but without using the cable needle. It is always done by skipping a stitch or stitches, knitting the stitch beyond them and leaving it on the needle, then going back and knitting the skipped stitch or stitches and dropping the entire set of twisted stitches from the left-hand needle together. Many beautiful pattern effects can be made with this method.

Whenever stitches are crossed over one another, by any means, the fabric is pulled together horizontally. Therefore twist stitches, like cables, tend to make a piece narrower than the same number of stitches knitted in stockinette stitch. When doing any twist stitch be sure to check the gauge and cast on a sufficient number of stitches for the desired width.

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