Two Basic Stitches Stockinette Stitch and Garter Stitch

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Plain Stitch Designs For Sweater
upper band: Stockinette Stitch, plain second band: Stockinette Stitch, Crossed third band: Stockinette Stitch, Twisted lower band: Garter Stitch


This is the "plain sweater" stitch. All stitches on the right ;:it are knitted, all stitches on the wrong side purled. When Stc-:k-inette Stitch is worked on a circular needle or a set of ¿c -r.e-pointed needles in rounds, all stitches are knitted.

When worked in flat, rather than circular, knitting. Stockist" -Stitch has a tendency to curl. Thus it usually requires "-" -.-t~ -to make the fabric lie flat.

Two interesting variations on Stockinette Stitch are Cr: ;.st : Stockinette and Twisted Stockinette. In the Crossed vers::n_ the stitches on the right side of the fabric are knitted thrcurr. the back loops, which causes the strands to cross at the ; ^i-r . each stitch. On the wrong side, all stitches are purled .r. ¿f usual way. In the Twisted version, the right-side stitches are knitted through the back loops, and the wrong-side -.t purled through the back loops. This twists each little column ::' stitches and gives a firm texture to the fabric. Both Crossed ¿r : Twisted Stockinette derive from ancient Arabic methods ::" sorting, and either one may be used in place of plain for a somewhat more decorative effect.


Garter Stitch is "plain knitting"—every stitch on ever. — both right and wrong sides, being knitted when the piece being worked from both sides. In circular knitting, h:v T r_-Garter Stitch is made by alternating one round of kn;: and one round of purl stitches.

Garter Stitch looks the same on both sides: a series r _rl-stitch ridges and knit-stitch troughs. It is a flat, firn: :Yrr.: having no tendency to curl, and thus is often used for bord;-. buttonhole bands, and edgings for articles made in lace cr >: — f other delicate pattern. It has more lateral spread than Stocii^r 7 Stitch, and less vertical spread. Indeed it was used tc -i±t garters, or the tops of stockings where the most horizrr.ti elasticity was required, whereas Stockinette Stitch was _ser f: r the stockings themselves; in England the latter is still Stocking Stitch.

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