Vertical Lace Trellis

In this very valuable basic lace, the bias pull of ordinary Lace Trellis is eliminated in the same way as in Vandyke Faggot: a row in which the decreases precede the yo's is alternated with a row in which the decreases follow the yo's. The structure of the lace is therefore much the same as Vandyke Faggot but on a smaller scale. Alone, Vertical Lace Trellis makes a pretty openwork design; in combination with other pattern arrangements it has great versatility; see Lace Check and Cathedral Pattern.

Odd number of sts.

Rows 1 and 3 (Wrong side)—Purl. Row 2—Kl, * yo, k2 tog; rep from *. Row 4—* Ssk, yo; rep from *, end kl.

Repeat Rows 1-4.

Vertical Patterns
Vertical Lace Trellis

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