Martin Storey And Sharon Brant Photographs By Peter Williams

At first glance CUwu Knit* for Real Women kx>L\ - a* one would expect from Rowan - j fully photographed book of very de*irable. nably up-to-date knitting pattern* The m. cardigan jackets, top» and accessories are iLnn tod stylish and their 'Colour choice i* soplmtuated irxl ddidomty vubtlc. The three women who appear on the co\tr and throughout the Itook arr not professional OXXieK hilt rra/ women with iral figure* and although they jnr all undeniably attractive, pho. never look anything but I,«inng|y real and relaxed fDicrp i> nothing more of an ngtum-oil* than a faihion spread intended for with curves that i* photographed on some dinm rib model. And Mine many of the brilliant \hjpes and styles in thi* book actually do challenge cptiom about knitwear for larger sizes it was vital that any reader could see instantly that these idea* genuinely worked and looked great on real looking women.

The book ha* been put together by knitwear designer Martin Storey and Rowan's retail manager and work*hop co-ordinator, Sharon llraut Since they were both adamant that they didn't want to produce a prcdictablc array of "large squares" they spent a long time researching, re-thinking and refining their ideas.They scoured the market place looking at wlut was already on offer in *tores and listened to wlut women wanted.

Martin i*. it ha* to be admitted, a bit of a Jack Spratt. Sharon i* contentedly curvaceous. So between the two of them they've licked thi* particular platter pretty effectively. "Sharon ha* been my muse in lot* of ways" said Martin. "The book was her conccpt originally a response to ttqucsb she'd Ixrcn receiving at workshops. She wears clothe* well anil ha* a very good eye for knitwear that suits her. Hand-knits can be chunky and dense *o it* important to pick styles that hit you in the right place* We've worked hard on thai - and of course Sharon was always there to try everything on and say when *ontething wasn't working well enough".

They addressed vome fundamental* that base limited the succcis of other plus-size pattern book*. "Simply grading up a size 12 pattern to a larger *i/c doc*n't work ." *aid Martin ,** you just don't get a stylish *hape that way. You have to adjust the scale on thing* like the *houldcr width, the sleeve drop, the arm width to nuke a really flattering shape."

They were also very aware of the fact that


Carol Meldrum Carol Meldrum

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Grain in Kid Cbuic YT Chunky by Carol Meldrum. pattern page 146.


O'Mauy in Felted Tweed by Liu KulurdMin. pattern page 138 & Plaid in YT l)K by Amanda Crawford, pattern page 119.

Korsnas CrochetMartin Storey Plain Jacket

mu r.IVV (jppasite APHEUUS in Wool Cotton by Liu Richardson. pattern page «*>. Opposite Anause m Wool Cotton by Liu Richardson, pattern page 89.

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