Basic Stockinette

Heview notes on page 16 before beginning to knit. Shown in orange with light green ami magenta (lower, and light green with orange and magenta (lower.

BACK AND FRONT CO 15 sis and Work in St st (see Notes) for 3»-2". On the next row. work neck opening .is follows: Work 5 sts. >1 (»lip) next 5 sts to holder, using the backward loop method (see Notes) CO 5 sts for back of neck, work last 5 Ms. Work even in Si >t until piece measures 7" from the beginning. BO all sts.


Measure up 2" from bottom of sweater at both sides of from and back and place markers. Join yarn, and with RS facing, jiick up and knit 12 sts

Finished Measurements

Approximately 7" chest circumference and 3Vj" from bottom edge to shoulder.


Harrisville Designs Highland 2-ply Worsted (100% wool; 200 yards / 100 grams): 1 skein will make approximately 6 solid-color cozies. Shown in #66 melon (orange). #38 teak (brown), #35 chianti (magenta), #8 hemlock (dark green), #7 tundra (light green), #14 woodsmoke (light teal)


One set straight needles size US 5 (3.75 mm).

One set double-pointed needles (dpn) size US 5 (3.75 mm) for neckband. Change needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge, although exact gauge ¡s not essential for this project.


Stitch markers, stitch holders, yarn needle. Gauge

16 sts and 27 rows « 4* in Stockinette stitch (St st).

between .i pair of markers for sleeve. Work in St st for 3 rows, ending with a W'S row. Decrease I st at each side of next row-10 sts. Work 3 rows even Decrease 1 st at each side of next row—8 sts. Work even until sleeve measures 3' :?" from pickup row BO all sis. Repeat for other sleeve.

• The body of each cozy is worked from the lower front, up and over the shoulders, to the lower back. A neck opening is created at the shoulder line as you go.

Stockinette Stitch in Rows (St st)

row 1 and all odd-numbered rows: (RS) Knit all StS. row 2 and all evennumbered rows: (WS) Purl all StS. Repeat these 2 rows for pattern.

Stockinette Stitch in Rounds (St st) all rounds (rnds): Knit all sts every rnd

K1, P1 Rib in the Round (even number of sts) all rnds: 'K1. pi; repeat from * to end

K2, P2 Rib (even number of sts)

row or rnd t: (RS) P3. *k2. p2. repeat from • to last 5 sts, end k2. p3. row or rnd 2: K3. *p2, k2; repeat from 4 to last 5 sts, end p2, k3 Repeat these 2 rows for pattern

Seed Stitch in Rows or Rounds (seed st)

row 1: *K1. p1. repeat from *, ending k1 if there is an odd number of sts.

row 2 and all following rows or rounds: Purl the knit sts, and knit the purl sts as they appear.

Backward Loop Cast-on: 'Make a loop in the working yarn and place on the right-hand needle, oriented so that it doesn't unwind, to CO 1 st; repeat from * for rem sts to be CO.

Embroidery Stitches lazy daisy stitch french knot


Join yarn at side of neck opening ready ioi work the «-is on the from holder. I sing dpn. knit across 5 st> from holder, pick up and knit I st at side of neck opening, pick tij> and knit 5 sts across back of neck, pick up and knit I st at side of neck opening—12 sts. Join for working in the rnd (round) and place marker to indicate the beginning of rnd. Work in either kl, pl rib (as shown on orange sweater) or St st in Hounds (sec, Notes, as shown on light given sweater) for 7 mds. Purl one rnd HO .ill sts «is if to purl on next rnd


Sew sleeve and side >eams. reversing seam at lower end of sleeve for I for cuff. Fold up lower end of each sleeve for cuffs. If desired, embroider the front of cozy with a lazy daisy llower v\ itli French knot center (see diagrams in Notes). Weave in ends.

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