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Lace knitting. The very phrase evokes clouds of soft finery, light enough to pass through the proverbial wedding ring. Our grandmother's grandmother knit lace, in Estonia, Russia, Ireland, France; we see examples of fine lace knitting in museums and we gasp at the beauty and at the skill and patience required to call forth thousands of intricate stitches on needles no wider than a toothpick.

And yet, look around-lace knitting is not relegated only to dusty cases in museums, or faded photographs in history books. Lace knitting is now vibrant, and modern, and more popular than ever! Today, everything from hats to sweaters incorporates the beauty of knitted lace; knitting one's first lace scarf or shawl has become a rite of passage in the knitting community, with thousands of knitters on the internet ready to mentor the next wave of knitters as they discover the joy of making holes in their knitting.

In this collection, I've tried to capture the range and versatility that is lace knitting today-you'll find here everything from a super-simple scarf with a one-row lace pattern to an intricate shawl that grew out of Iceland's rich fiber tradi tions. There's a simple hat with lace motifs knitted out of sock yarn; a pair of lacy fingerless gloves, a cardigan designed around the beloved feather-and-fan pattern; and of course, two perennial favorites: a popular triangular lace shawl and an easy rectangular lace scarf.

There are patterns for long-time lace knitters and for a knitter looking for his or her very first lace knitting project; there are patterns using fine yarns and chunky; there are quick gift lace knitting projects and projects that, once completed, will be heirlooms for future generations.

They say that once you've tried lace knitting, you fall in love forever. I know I have—have you?


Sandi Wiseheart Editor,

1 Icelandic Lace Shawl

Sigrídur Halldórsdóttir/Carol Rasmussen Noble page 3

2 Spectrum Scarf

Eunny Jang page 7

3 Tailored Scallops Cardigan

Pam Allen page 9

4 Penobscot Silk Lace Scarf

Cyrene Slegona page 15

5 Lace Fountain Hat

Katie Himmelberg page 17

6 Arrowhead Shawl

Pam Allen page 19

7 Wild and Warm Guanaco and Vicuña Lace Fingerless Gloves

Kaye D. Collins page 21

Stitch Glossary page 25

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