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The following are the knitting abbrevations used in this book, plus some extra commonly used ones. Special abbreviations are always given within the pattern.

alt alternate approx approximately beg begin(s)(ning) C contrasting shade of yarn cm centimetre(s) cn cable needle cont continu(e)(ing) dec decreas(eHing) foil follow(s)iing) g gram(s)

g st garter stitch (k every row) in inch(es)

inc increas(e)(ing); in row instructions k (or p) into front and back of st to increase one k knit knit up pick up and knit stitches along edge of knitting M1 make one stitch by picking up horizontal loop before next stitch and knitting into back of it M1P make one stitch by picking up horizontal loop before next stitch and purling into back of it meas measure(s) mm millimetres MS main shade of yarn oz ounce(s) p purl patt pattern; or, work in the pattern st psso pass slipped stitch over p2sso pass 2 slipped stitches over rem remain(s)(ing)

rep repeat(s)(ing)

rev st st reverse stocking stitch (p RS rows, k WS rows) RS right side si 1 slip one stitch sL1K slip next st knitways sL1P slip next st purlways st(s) stitch(es)

st st stocking stitch (k RS rows, p WS rows)

tbl through back of loop tog together

WS wrong side yd yard(s)

yfwd yarn forward yfrn yarn forward round needle yon yarn over needle

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