Jacket with Knitted Sleeves

Photo page 64 Design and Instructions by Anne Deval and Mette Olsen. Pattern for the sleeves is from the Dalarna Museum. Size: XS/12 years (S/34-36) (M/38-40) (L/42); child/4-6 years

Width—women's sizes: 86

Length—women's sizes: 55

Length—child's size: 37 cm/ 14VSin

The jacket has sleeves knitted in the round which are sewn onto a lined cloth body. Sewing Instructions: Begin by drawing the pattern to full scale on paper and cut it out. The neck facing follows the same lines as the back piece.

On the front edge, mark the placement of 5 buttonholes. The top one should be about 1.5 cm/1/2 in down from the neck edge, and the lowest one should be about 5 cm/2 in from the lower edge.

Lay out the pattern pieces on the fabric. Add the following amounts for seam allowances: 5 cm/2 in at the lower edge, 2 cmAi in at the shoulders and sides, 1 cm/1/4 in for the rest of the seams. Mark the buttonholes. Cut out the front and back pieces and the back facing.

Sew the shoulder and side seams. Sew the shoulder seams of the facing. Right sides together, sew the facing to the neck and lower edges of the front.

Cut the lining in the same way as the jacket, except at the center front, where you should follow the dotted line. Sew the shoulder and side seams of the lining. Press the seams open and sew the lining into the jacket. Baste the lining and jacket together at the arm-holes, zigzagging the edges. Baste in the knitted sleeves with a 1-cmM-in seam allowance, adjusting the extra width

Sewing Lining Into Jacket
Jacket body—worm-.

measure mœ is


Jacket body—women's sizes

Jacket body—women's sizes

Cardigan Sewing Pattern DowlSew Child Sleeve

at the shoulders. Sew in the sleeves.

Knitted Sleeves—child 4 to 6 years

Yarn: 2- or 3-ply fingering weight wool yarn, 100 g/4 oz each black and red Needles: dpn 2.5 mm/US 2 Gauge: 36 sts and 39 rows = 10 cm/4 in

With two strands of red yarn, cast on 54 sts and knit the first 20 rnds, changing threads and twisting the yarn after 2 sts. On the next rnd change to a single strand and inc 34 sts evenly spaced around. Knit 2 rnds in red and then begin with pattern diagram I; knit it twice with 3 red rnds in between.

On the following rnd, inc 28 sts: 116 sts. Knit 5 rnds in red. Then knit the star pattern, following diagram II-VI with 6

single-color rnds between each pattern.

Sleeve shaping—right arm:

At the same time as the 6th star is begun, begin binding off for the arm shaping. The sleeve should measure about 31 cm/12V4 in. Bind off 5 sts and work across the row. Turn and bind off 3 sts on the wrong side. Then bind off at the beginning of every knit row as follows:

5 sts lx, 2 sts 4x, 1 st I Ox. 5 4x, 6 sts 2x. At the same ice bind off at the beginnir.r :: — r purl rows: 3 sts lx. 2 sts ic x : sts 2x, 5 sts 2x. Then bind=1 remaining sts.

Knit the left sleeve, re- erring the shaping.

Work in the loose three is press, and sew the sleeves —: -the jacket armholes.

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Knitted Sleeves—women's sizes

Size: XS12 years (S) (M) (L) Yarn: 150 g/6 oz each black and

Needl es and gauge: as above Using black yam, cast on 72 sts : n dpn and knit 1 rnd with —: strands. Change threads an; twist the yarns after 2 sts. TV. sn switch to single strands of : : colors and begin the check ii-ern following diagram I, Vrich is 24 rnds.

No-v inc 48 sts on a black rnd kid, then knit following diagram Il'for 7 mds. Inc another -- sis oiy a black rnd: 168 sts. 1-lr.ii the pattern on diagram HI Repeat the flower pattern 1- mds 5x and then begin i .c- oir.g off for the sleeve shaping for size SX. For sizes S and M_ knit another 8 rnds and for size L. knit 16 rnds.


Jacket body—child's size measurements = in (cm)

Sleeve Shaping—right arm:

Bind off 12 (12) (18) (8) sts and work across the row. Turn and bind ofT 8 (8) (6) (4) sts. At the beginning of every knit row, bind off 12 (12) (10) (8) sts lx, 3 sts 4x (4x) (4x) (4x), 1 st 15x (15x) (17x) (22x), 2 sts 5x (5x) (5x) (2x), 5 sts 5x (5x) (5x) (5x). At the same time, at the beginning of every purl row, bind off 8 (8) (6) (4) sts lx, 4 (4) (4) (4) sts 4x, 2 sts 8x (8x) (lOx) (lOx), Jn 1 st 7x (7x) (7x) (7x), 2 sts 5x

(3x). Bind off all remaining sts.

Knit the left sleeve, revers-II ing the shaping. Press the sleeve it and sew it into the jacket.

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