Knit Caps Protest

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Instructions written by Merete Liitken

Size: about 54 cm/21 '/4 in Yarn: 3-ply wool yam at about 1000 yd/lb, about 100 g/4 oz Needles: Cn 40 cm, 2.5 mm and 3 mm/16 in, US 2 and 3, or the same size dpn Gauge: 24 sts = 10 cm/4 in

Cast on 116 sts on cn 2.5 mm/US 2 and rib kl, pi for about 3 cm/lVi in. Change to cn 3 mm/US 3 and inc to 124 sts evenly spaced around. Knit in stockinette until the cap measures about 20 cm/8 in. Mark the sides of the cap, having the same number of sts on each side, and begin decs of 2 sts on each side of marker thus: k2 tog, kl, ssk. Repeat on the other side. Dec in this manner until 8 sts remain. Draw the yam through the sts and secure. Make a cord with a tassel and sew it to the top of the cap.

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