Special Abbreviations

Ssk (slip, slip, knit) = Slip next 2 sts to right-hand needle singly and knitwise; insert tip of left-hand needle through front loops of both stitches and knit them together.


MITTEN (make 2) With MC, cast on 30 sts.

^Leaving 8" tails when joining colors, with MC, p 1 row, k 1 row, p 1 row. With CC, k 1 row. For Body pat, rep from * for total of 6 times. Purl 1 row with MC. Shape top—Row 1: Maintaining stripe pat, (ssk, kll, k2tog) twice. Row 2: P26.

Thread tail into yarn needle and back through rem sts twice.


Take all tails to outside (RS). Matching stripes, tie each of the 4 tails together in an overhand knot all along side edge. Trim to Vi. With tail from top, sew seam of side edge. Let lower edge roll naturally.

Leaving an 8" tail, with MC, cast on 120 sts. Row 1 and each following WS row: Purl across.

Row 2: K28, k2tog, ssk, k56, k2tog, ssk, k28—116 sts.

Row 4: K27, k2tog, ssk, k54, k2tog, ssk, k27—112 sts.

Row 8: *K1, yo, k2tog, rep from * across— 37 eyelets made. Row 9: Purl.

Rows 10-19: Work even in St st on 112 sts. Row 20: With MC, kll, (k2tog, k20) 4 times, k2tog, kl 1—107 sts. Note: When joining new color, leave 8" tails at side edges.

Row 21: With MC, purl. Row 22: With CC, knit. Row 23: With MC, purl. Row 24: With MC, knit. Row 25: With MC, purl. Row 26: With CC, knit. Row 27: With MC, purl. Row 28: With MC, (k19, k2tog) five times, it2.

Row 29: With MC, pl02. Rows 30 and 31: Rep Rows 22 and 23. Row 32: With MC, (kl8, k2tog) times, k2. Row 33: With MC, p97. Rows 34 and 35: Rep Rows 22 and 23. Row 36: With MC, (kl7, k2tog) five times, k2.

Cont in 4-row stripe pat, dec 5 sts evenly spaced on each MC knit row until 12 sts rem.

Next row: K2tog across. P6. Cut yarn, leaving an 8" tail. Thread tail into yarn needle and back through sts. Draw up to dose opening. Sew to first stripe row.


Note: The hat is not sewn together along the opening where the tails are tied together.

Take all tails to outside (RS). Matching stripes and working along side edge, tie each of the 4 tails tog in an overhand knot. With beg tail at lower edge, join MC rows up to first stripe. Let this portion form a natural roll. Weave ribbon in eyelets made in Row 8. T ie ends together.


Wind CC around a credit card 25 times; tie a separate strand tightly around center. Carefully remove card. Cut ends of pompom. Trim and sew to tip of cap.

Design by Ann E. Smith


91/2 sts and 10 rows = 4" (10 cm) in 1x1 rib. TAKE TIME TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE.

NOTE: Carry yarn not in use loosely along side edge.



Rep these 8 rows until Scarf measures approx 60", ending with Row 4. Bind oft" all sts loosely.

To match side edges, take 1 strand of each color and weave them tog along opposite side of Scarf from where you carried the yarn. Weave in ends.


Cut 10" lengths of A and B. Using one strand of A, fold in half to form a loop. With crochet hook insert loop into first cast-on st; bring ends through loop and tighten. Add a B Fringe to same st. Rep this process across; then do the same on the opposite end.Trim evenly.

Design by Cynthia Grosch


Polaina Croche


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