Tools for keeping track of your knitting

When knitting, you'll find that there are inevitably little bits of information that you want to write down. Whether you need to remind yourself that you're on Row 27 or you need to remember the title of a recommended book or the name of the yarn the person next to you in class was using for her shawl, something to write on often comes in handy. The grocery-bag-toting knitter will make do with a receipt or another piece of scrap paper, but it's smart to carry a notebook for your knitting ideas. And don't forget to throw in something to write with.

Many knitters also like to make photocopies of the patterns that they're working on. While you're at it, feel free to enlarge any charts so they're easy for you to read. With the copy, you're free to make your notes right on the pattern.

Sticky notes can come in handy too. You can use them to mark your place in this book, or you can make tally marks on them as you finish your rows. If you're using a chart, it's handy to place the sticky note right under the row that you're working on so you don't get lost every time you look from your book to the knitting and back again.

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