A llover Cabled Eyelet

Here is the popular Yarn-Over Cable worked as an allover pattern, which turns out to be quite interesting. The eyelets are vertically aligned, whereas the passed slip-stitches lend a diagonal quality to the fabric. This dainty pattern is ideal for baby clothes, summer-weight stoics, and shells.


Eyelet Stitch
above, lept: A llover Cabled Eyelet above, right: Cellular Stitch below, left: German Honeycomb Stitch below, right: Spanish Window

Multiple of 6 sts.

Row I (Right side)—* SI 1. k.2, pass slipped st over 2 knit sts, k3; rep from *. Row 2—P4, * yo, p5; rep from *, end yo, pi. Row 3—* K3, si 1, k2, pass slipped st over 2 knit sts; rep from *. Row 4—PI, * yo, p5; rep from *, end yo, p4.

Repeat Rows 1-4.

0 -2

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