Anemone Stitch

This beautiful stitch is ideal for afghan squares and cushions, as well as for garments. It looks very effective in two colors; simply work Rows 1 and 2 in one color, Rows 3 and 4 in the other. In the single-color version, the wrong side is also quite attractive.

Bind off on the wrong side, purling all sts. Or, if a right-side bind-off row is wanted, work one plain purl row and then bind off.

Multiple of 4 sts.

Row 1 (Wrong side)—Purl, wrapping yarn twice for each st. Row 2—* SI 4 sts briefly in order to drop extra wraps, replace the 1 elongated sts on left-hand needle, then (k1 tog, p4 tog) twice into these same 4 sts; rep from *. Row 3—P2, purl across wrapping yarn twice for each st, to the last 2 sts, end p2. Row 4—K2, rep from * of Row 2 across to the last 2 sts, end k2.

above: Anemone Stitch below: Anemone Stitch in two colors

Two Colors Knitting Paterns

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