Berryina Box

Leona Hughes Sarasota

Contributed by Leona Hughes, Sarasota, Florida

This perfectly charming openwork fabric consists of purled "berries" enclosed by little square frames of lace and set off by small ribs. Berry-in-a-Box is delightful in stoles and evening sweaters. Try it with a fancy yarn—slubbed, crinkled, ombre, or a sparkling metallic.

Multiple of 6 sts plus 1.

Row 1 (Right side)—P3, * kl, p5; rep from *, end kl, p3. Row 2—K3 tog, * yo, (kl, yo, kl) in next st, yo, Decrease 5 as follows: k2 tog-b, k3 tog, pass the k2-tog-b st over the k3-tog st; rep from *, end yo, (kl, yo, kl) in next st, yo, k.3 tog-b. Rows 3 and 5—Kl, * p5, kl; rep from *. Row 4—PI, * k5, pi; rep from *.

Row 6—Inc in first st, * yo, Decrease 5 as in Row 2, yo, (kl, yo, k I) in next st; rep from *, end yo, Decrease 5, yo, inc in last st.

Repeat Rows 1 -8.

Gooseberry Stitch
Gooseberry Stitch

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    How to Decrease5: k2togb, k3 tog, pass the k2togb stitch over the k3tog stitch?
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