Diagonal Brioche

One never ceases to be amazed by the variety displayed by different small alterations in the Brioche technique. The wrong side of this Huffy fabric is perhaps even more charming than the right side; it shows a graceful Brioche Knot Stitch. Still another variation can be obtained by the tiniest of substitutions: slip all the yo's purlwise instead of knitwisc in Rows I and 3. Try the pattern both ways, and see which you like better.

Note: all slip-stitches are slipped with yarn in back. The Preparation Row is not to be repeated.

Odd number of sts.

Preparation Row (Wrong side)—P2, * si 1, yo, pi; rep from *, end pi.

Row 1—SI 1, pi, * si the yo knitwisc, p2; rep from *, end pi. Row 2—PI, "si 1, yo, p2 tog; rep from *, end si I, yo, pi. Row 3—PI, * si the yo knitwise, p2; rep from *. Row 4-—SI 1, p2 tog, * si 1, yo, p2 tog; rep from *, end pi.

Repeat Rows 1-4.

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