False Flame Stitch

Here is a knitted imitation of the Flame Stitch, or Bargello Pattern. It maybe worked in three or four colors if desired, simply by repeating the 4 pattern rows for each stripe of color. It is very handsome in a progressive series of colors, such as: white, yellow, orange, red; or: white, light gray, dark gray, black. The 3 Preparation Rows are always worked in the last color to be used.

Multiple of 4 sts plus 1. Colors A and B.

Preparation Rows:

Row I (Wrong side)—With A, purl. Row 2—With A, knit.

Row 3—With A, p2, * pi wrapping yarn twice, p3; rep from *, end last repeat p2.

End of preparation rows.

Row 4—With B, k2, * si 1 wyib dropping extra wrap, kl, insert needle into next st 2 rows below and draw through a loop loosely; knit next st and pass the loop over the st just knitted; kl; rep from *, end si 1 wyib, k2. Row 5—With B, p2, * si 1 wyif, p3; rep from *, end si I wyif, P2.

Row 7- With B. p2, * pi wrapping yarn twice, p3; rep from *, end last repeat p2. Rows 8 through 11—With A, repeat Rows 4 through 7.

Omitting preparation rows, repeal Rows 4 11.

False Flame Stitch
False Flame Stitch
Flame Stitch Knitting
Double Twist Cheek

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