Fluffy Brioche

Honeycomb Baby Blanket Knit Pattern
Fluffy Brioche

All Brioche patterns are fluffy and loose, but this one is particularly so. It makes a beautiful, soft, honeycomb-like texture that is perfect for summer sweaters, baby blankets, shawls, etc. It should be worked with a light hand, on needles that are not too small. When casting on, use two needles held together, so that the cast-on stitches will be large enough to spread to the width of the fabric. Bind oil' very loosely, preferably with larger needles, on one of the right-side rows.

Even number of sts.

Row I (Wrong side)—* Yo, si 1 wyib, kl; rep from *. Row 2—* Kl, k2 tog (the yo and sl-st of previous row); rep from *.

Row 3—Kl, * yo, si I wyib, kl; rep from *, end kl. Row 4—K2, * k2 tog, kl; rep from *.

Repeat Rows 1 -4.

Fluffy Brioche Stitch
Diagonal Brioche

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