German Herringbone

Contributed by Hildegard M. Eisner, Aldan, Pennsylvania

Beautiful ribbed and scalloped skirts can be made with this easy pattern, simply by starting at the bottom with 10 or 12 stitches to each purl rib instead of 2, and then decreasing in these purl ribs to narrow toward the waist. Matching sweaters or blouses can be made with the pattern as given.

Multiple of 15 sts plus 2.

Row I (Right side)—P2, * Make One (Ml) by lifting running thread and knitting into the back of this thread, k3, p2, p3 tog, p2. k3. Ml, p2; rep from*. Row 2—K2, * p4, k5, p4, k2; rep from *. Row 3—P2. * Ml, k4, pi, p3 tog, pi, k4. Ml, p2; rep from *. Row 4—K2, * p5, k3, p5, k2; rep from *. Row 5—P2, * Ml, k5, p3 tog, k5. Ml, p2; rep from *. Row 6—K2, * p6, kl, p6, k2; rep from *.

Repeat Rows 1-6.

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