German Honeycomb Stitch

Contributed by Hildegard M. Eisner, A Idnn, Pennsylvania

Here is a pretty eyelet fabric that is a little different, by reason of its being worked from the right and wrong sides alternately. The pattern makes graceful shawls, overblouscs or head scarves. A few repeats (12 to 20 sts) will make an attractive openwork panel.

Row 2—P2, * p2 tog-b, yo, p2 tog; rep from *, end p2. Row 3—K.3, * (kl, pi) into the yo of previous row, k2; rep from *, end kl. Row 4—Purl.

Row 6—PI, * (kl, pi) into the yo of previous row, p2; rep from *, end last repeat pi.

Repeat Rows 1-6.

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