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This is the edging that goes with the famous antique bedspread pattern called Great-Grandmother's Bedspread, otherwise known as The Garden-Plot Square. The bedspread is knitted in squares, each square being worked diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner, with a single embossed leaf at ihe start and a row of embossed leaves across the widest diagonal. The squares are sewn or crocheted together with four of the single leaves adjoining, and thus can be made any size, depending on the number of squares worked. This beautiful bedspread was very popular around the turn of the century, and many American families still treasure one that came from the hands of a real great-grandmother.

Cast on 45 sts and knit one row.

Row 1 (Right side)—SI 1, k3. yo, k2 tog, p8, kl, yo, lc2 tog, yo, k3, yo, k2 tog, pi, yo, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, pi. ssk, k5, k2 tog, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2. (45 sts) Row 2- SI I. k3, yo. k2 tog, kl. p7, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, pi, k3, yo, k2 tog, k4, yo, k-2 tog, k9, yo, k2 tog, k2. (45 sts) Row 3—SI I, k3, yo, k2 tog, p3, yo, kl, yo. p4, kl. yo, k2 tog, yo, k4, yo, k2 tog, pi, yo, kl, yo, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, pi, k7, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2. (50 sts) Row 4—SI I, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, p7, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, p3, k3, yo. k2 tog, k5, yo, k2 tog, k3, p3, k5, yo, k2 tog, k2. (50 sts)

Cockleshells Knitting Pattern
Great-Grandmother's Edging

Row 5—SI I, k3, yo, k2 tog. p3, (kl, yo) twice. kl. p4, kl, yo. k2 tog. yo. k5, yo, k2 tog, pi, (kl, yo) twice, kl, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, pi, ssk, k3, k2 tog, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2. (53 sts)

Row 6—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, (kl. p5, k3, yo, k2 tog) twice, k6, yo, k2 tog, k3, p5, k5, yo, k2 tog, k2. (53 sts) Row 7—SI I, k3, yo, k2 tog. p3, k2, yo. kl, yo, k2, pi, kl, yo, k2 tog, yo, k6, yo, k2 tog, pi, k2, yo, kl. yo, k2, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, pi, ssk, kl, k2 tog, pi, k2. yo, k2 tog, k2. (56 sts)

Row 8—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, p3, k3, yo, k2 tog. kl, p7, k3, yo. k2 tog, k7. yo, k2 tog, k3, p7, k5, yo. k2 tog, k2. (56 sts) Row 9—SI 1. k3, yo, k2 tog, p3, k3. yo, kl. yo, k3, p4. kl, yo, k2 tog, yo, k7, yo, k2 tog, pi. k3, yo, kl. yo, k3, pi, k2, yo, k2 log, pi, si I—k2 log—psso, pi. k2. yo, k2 tog, k2. (59 sts) Row 10—SI I, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, pi, k.3, yo, k2 tog, kl, p9, k3. yo, k2 tog, k8, yo, k2 tog, k3, p9, k5, yo, k2 tog, k2. (59 sts) Row 11—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, p3, k9, p4. kl, yo, k2 tog, yo, k2, yo, k2 tog, p2. k2, yo, k2 tog, pi, k9, pi, k2, yo. k2 tog. pi. k8. (60 sts) Row 12—SI first st and bind off 3 sts, k4, pass 4 sts over the last st worked. k3, yo. k2 tog, kl, p9, k3, yo, k2 tog, k4, (yo, k2 tog, k3) twice, p9, k5. yo, k2 tog, k2. (53 sts)

Row 13—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, p3, ssk, k5, k2 tog, p4, kl, yo. k2 log, yo, k3, yo, k2 tog, pi, yo, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, pi. ssk. k5, k2 tog, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2. (51 sts) Row 14—SI I, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl. p7. k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, pi. k3, yo, k2 tog, k4. yo, k2 tog. k3, p7, k5, yo, k2 tog, k2. (51 sts) Row 15—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, p3, k7, p4, kl, yo, k2 tog, yo, k4, yo, k2 tog, pi, yo, kl, yo, pi, k2, yo, k2 log, pi, k7, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2. (54 sts) Row 16—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 log, kl, p7, k3, yo, k2 log, kl, p3, k3, yo, k2 tog, k5, yo, k2 tog, k3, p7, k5, yo, k2 tog. k2. (54 sts) Row 17—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, p3. ssk, k3, k2 tog, p4, kl, yo, k2 tog, yo, k5, yo. k2 tog, pi, (kl, yo) twice, kl, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, pi, ssk, k3, k2 tog, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2. (53 sts)

Row 18—SI 1. k3, yo, k2 tog, (kl, p5, k3, yo, k2 tog) twice, k6, yo, k2 tog, k3, p5.

k5, yo, k2 tog, k2. (53 sts) Row 19—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, p3, ssk, kl, k2 tog, p4, kl, yo, k2 tog, yo, k6, yo, k2 log, pi, k2, yo, kl, yo, k2, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, pi, ssk, kl, k2 tog, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2. (52 sts)

Row 20—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, p3, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, p7, k3, yo, k2 tog, k7, yo, k2 tog, k3, p3, k5, yo, k2 tog, k2. (52 sts) Row 21—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, p3, si 1—k2 tog—psso, p4, kl, yo, k2 tog, yo, k7, yo, k2 tog, pi, k3, yo, kl, yo. k3, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, pi, si I—k2 tog—psso, pi, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2. (51 sts) Row 22—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, pi, k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, p9, k3, yo, k2 log, k8, yo, k2 tog, k3, pi, k5, yo, k2 tog, k2. (51 sts) Row 23—SI 1, k3, yo, k2 tog, p8, kl, yo, k2 tog, yo, k2, yo, k2 log, p2, k2, yo, k2

tog, pi, k9, pi, k2, yo, k2 log, pi, k8. (52 sis) Row 24—SI first st and bind off 3 sts, k4, pass 4 sts over the last st worked. k3, yo, k2 tog, kl, p9, k3, yo, k2 log, k4, yo, k2 tog, k3, yo, k2 tog, k9, yo, k2 tog. k2. (45 sts)

Repeat Rows 1-24.


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Allovcr Cabled Eyelet, 245 Alpine Edging, 379 Alternating Block, 336 Alternating Cable, 166 Alternating Chain, 332 Alternating Fretted Band, 68 Alternating Leaf Stitch, 253 Alternating Rickrack Stripe, 89 American Beauty Tweed, 39 Anemone Stitch, 131 Arabic Block. 83 Aran Braid, 167

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Arbor Pattern. 265

Arcade Pattern, 202

Arch Pattern, 304

Arrow Pattern. 273

Assyrian Stripe Pattern, 70

Austrian Block Pattern, 146

Back Stitch, 134 Banjo Cable, 167 Barred Stripes, 52 Barrel Stitch, 213 Basic Fretted Band, 67 Basket weave Check, 22

Bead Medallion Edging with Candle-Flame

Scallop, 381 Bean-Sprout Pattern, 37

Bear Track, 225

Beech Leal' Edging, 362

"Beginner's Mosaics", Two, 61

Bell Lace, 291

Belt Welt, 6

Berry-in-a-Box, 222

Berry Stitch, 221

Bias Band for Necklines, 355


Bird's-Eye Edging, 362

Black Forest Pattern, 38

Blended Stripes, 36

Blind Buttonhole Stitch, 26

Block Quilting, 11

Blocks and Bars. 26

Blossoming Branch, 314

Bobbled Cable. 174

Bold Check Pattern, 52

Bold-Faggoted Edging, 359

Bonbon Pattern, 11 o


Borders lor Color Contrast, 33

Bound Eyelet, 256

Boxed Bobble. 124

Branched Fern, 314

Branching Rib Pattern, 145

Briar Rose, 158

Brisket Cable, 173

Broad-Leaved Flower, 316


Brocade Chevron, 148 Broken Arrow. 535 Broken Block Pattern, (> Broken Chain, 337 Bubble-Bobble, 132 Bud Stitch, 31 Buttercup Edging, 377 Butterfly Braid, 306 Butterfly Quilling, 93

Cable and Ladder, 205 Cable-and-Texture Patterns, Two, 203 Cabled Feather Paitern, 21 1 Cable-Framed Leal Pattern, 234 CABLES, 165


Cables with Irish Knots, Three. 195

Cables with Openwork. Four, 172

Cactus Flower, 103

Cage Pattern, 66

Cam Cable, 190

Cameo Lattice, 270

Candlelight #2. 281

Candlelight Pattern, 279

Candle of Glory, 256

Carrousel Check. 38

Cartridge-Beit Rib, 21

Carved Diamond Pattern, 150

Cellular Stitch. 246

Chain of Triangles, too

Chandelier Pattern, 338

Checked Rose Fabric, 89

Checkerboard Mesh, 267

Cherry Tree, 208

Chessboard, 63

Chevron and Berry Stripe Pattern. 274

Chinese Edging. 385

Chinese Lace, 285

Chinoiserie, 294

Christmas Chevron. 341

CIRCULAR KNITTING. Adapting Patterns for, xxix City Lights. 71 Clamshell, 129 Classic Bead Edging. 379 Cloisters, The. 234 Closed Bud, 296 Closed Star Stitch, 93 "Closing" Cable with Right Twist. 30

Clove Stitch, 221 Club Pattern, 163 Cluster Cable, 187 Clustered Braid, 186 Cluster Quilting, 115 Cobweb Frill, 341 Cockleshell Edging, 372 Cocoon Stitch, 131 Color-Seeded Pattern, 39 Comb Stitch, 228


xxxiii Coral Pattern, 269 Corded Edging. 358 Cording Stitch. 135 Cork Cable, 185 Cornflower Pattern. 31 Corona, 250

Counterpoint Quilting, 103 Counter-Twisted Oval, 188 Crazy Maypole, 196 Crazy Quilted Pattern, 113 Crested Chain, 333 Crochet-Knit Mesh Pattern, 223 Grossed Banners, 2 to Crossed V Stitch. 171 Crown Chevron, 79 Crown-Embossed Rosebud. 250 Crown, The, 323 Crystal and Pearl, 266 Crystal Edging, 365 Crystal Pattern, 266

Daintier Chevron, 275 Dainty Chevron, 275 Dancing Gross. 335 Davflower, 31 1 Deep Waffle Pattern, 153 Diagonal Brioche, 220 Diagonal Chain, 73 Diagonal Crepe Stitch, 152 Diagonal Knot Stitch, 126 Diagonal Scallop Stitch. 127 Diamond Twist Border, 343 Diamond with Chain. 173 Dice Check, 51 Dimple Stitch. 25 Dinner-Bell Ruffle. 346 Dip-and-Slip Tweed, 98

Dip-Stitch Cheek, 105 Disc Cables, 167 Divided Diamond, 81 Dogtooth Cross, 73 Dollar Cable, t68 Domino Edging, 376 Dot-Knot Stitch, 125 Dotted Box, 332 Dotted Wave, 64 Double Edging, 375 Double-Faggoted Edging. 366 Double Fern Edging, 365 Double Garter Stitch, 134 Double Herringbone Mesh, 301 Double Hook, 334 Double Knii Fabric, 24 Double Knitting, 24, 45 Double-Knotted Lattice, aoti Double Lattice, 152 Double Medallion, 78 Double Pennant Patterns, 16 Double Rose Leaf, 307 Double Stockinette, 133 Double Twist Check, 102 Double Vine, 279 Double-Wrapped Braid, 183 Dovetail Stripes, 40 Dragonfly Check Pattern, 132 Dragon Skin. 136 Drop-Stitch Honeycomb, 130 Drop-Stitch Patterns, Two, 129 Drunken-Sailor Cable, 191 Dry Bones Cable, 182 Dura-Europos Patterns, 139

Ears of Grass, 254 EDGINGS, 352

Edgings with an Insertion, Two, 362 Egyptian Cross, 73 Eiffel Tower Eyelet. 248 Elliptical Cable, 180 Elongated Five-Rib Braid, 169 Embedded Diamond, 310 Embossed Double Leaf Panel, 236 Embossed Twining Vine Leaf, 238 Enchanted Cottage. The, 213 Endless Branch, 80 English Lace, 287 English Rose Tweed, 107

Ensign's Braid, 178 EYELETS, 245 Eyelet-Waved Rib, 254 Eye-Spot Edging, 380 Exchange Cables. 209

Faggoted Fringe, 357

False Flame Stitch, 101

Fancy Cable Check, 205

Fancy Chevron. 80


Fancy Diagonal Stripe, 104

Fancy Lattice, 75

Fancy Lozenge Pattern, 17

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Fancy Parallelogram, 78

Fancy Rib Patterns. 227

Fancy Shell Rib. 236

Fancv Shingle Pattern, 92


Fan Dip Stitch, 108

Fascine Braid, 216

Faun's Eyes, 253

Field of Wheat, 278

Fingertip Tweed. 102

Fireflowers. 94

Fireworks, 240

Fish Hooks, 251

Five-Rib Braid Cables, 168

Flame Chevron, 276

Flare. 85

Flemish Block Lace, 270 Flemish Braid, 304 "Floral" Motifs, Three, 316 Floral Panel II, 316 Florentine Frieze. 109 Flower Eyelet. 247 Flower Garden, 140 Fluffy Brioche, 220 Fluted Fabric Stitch, 23 Fluted Rib, 5 Flying Chevron, 227 "Flying Cross" Mosaics, Four, 72 Folded-Ribbon Stitch, 229 Fountain Lace, 272 Four-Color Blister Stitch, no Four-Color Mix. 50 Four-Color Progressive Tweed. 59 Four-Leaved Flower, 317

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Gable Pattern, 154 Garland Pattern. 252 Garter Stitch Diamonds, 14 Gate Pattern, 232 Geometric Wave Border, 345 German Herringbone Rib, 124 German Honeycomb Stitch, 246 Giant Embossed Plait. 180 Gingerbread Castle, The, 242 GLOSSARY OF TERMS AND ABBREVIATIONS, xxv Godmother's Edging, 361 Gooseberry Stitch, 222 Gordian Knot, 171 Gothic Lear Pattern, 288 Grace Note, 305

Graduated-Chevron Border with Bobbles, 350

Grain of Wheat, 145

Grand Eyelet Edging, 363

Grand Medallion, 319

Grand Shell, 242

Grand Trefoil, 263

Grape Edging, 369

Grapevine Twist, 160

Great-Grandmother's Edging, 387

Grecian Lace Edging, 371

Greek Cross Medallion, 76

Greek Stripe, 331

Hammerhead Stripe, 332 Harebell Lace, 261 Hartshorn Cable, 183 Haystack Stripe, 58 Heart Edging, 382 Heart Panel, 156 Heraldic Pattern, 150 Highlight Cable, 173 Holiday Stripes, 56 Hollow Oak. 196 Homes of Donegal, 192

Honeybee Pattern with Faggoting. 273 1 loopskirt Pattern, 242 Hornet's Nest, 137 House of Cards, 1 19

Illusion Stripe, 72 Imitation Aran Pattern, 12 Imperial Branch, 315 "Increase" Textures, Three, 128 Interlaced Stripe, 96 INTRODUCTION, xix Irish Knot, 1 26 Ivy Leaf, 298

Jack-In-The-Pulpit, 255 Jacquard Diamonds, 24 Jacquard Stitch, 23 Janus Pattern, 310 Japanese Feather, 285 Jewel Cross-Rib, 27 Jewel Medallion, 318

Key and Basket Pattern, 76 Knit-Purl Borders. Two, 330 KNIT-PURL COMBINATIONS, 3 Knitter's Choice, 112 Knit-Twist Lattice, 149 Knit-Twist Lattice with Lace, 153 Knit-Twist Panels. Three, 155 Knot-Stitch Mesh, 262 Knotted Lattice, 206

LACE, 258

Lace Background Stitch, 262 Lace Lozenges, 212


Lace Puff, 283

Lace Ribbon Stitch, 284

Lace Window Border. 347

Ladder Lace Rib, 217

Lamb's Tails. 1 28

Lattice, 75

Latticed Diamond, 194 Leaf Shadows, 312 Leaning Stripe Pattern, 90 Left-Twist Ramp Pattern, 164 Lily of the Valley, 226 Little Castle, 65 Little Pyramid, 8

Little Trees, 330 Little Vine, 319 Little Wave, 144 Lobster Claw, 180 Long Bobble Pattern, 114 Long-Slip Stripes, 37 Loop Edging, 367 Loose Five-Rib Braid. 169 Lorgnette Cable. 197 Lotus Pattern. 293 Louvered Edging, 370 Lucina Shell Pattern, 226 Lucky Leaf Pattern, 239 Lyre Pattern, 303

Macedonian Stitch. 61 Marrowbone Pattern, 204 Maze Pattern, 69

Medallion Cable with Purl Twist, 30

Medallion with Cherries, 141

Medallion with Leaf. 162

Mermaid's Mesh. 267

Mexican Edging, 384

Milanese Lace, 283

Mimosa Border, 351

Miniature Herringbone, 133

Miniature Mosaic, 74

Miniature Openwork Cable, 305

Mist Drops, 233

Moorish Diamonds, 363

Moorish Lattice, 232

Morning Glory, 271


Moss and Rib Block Stitch, 13

Moss Diamond and Lozenge Pattern. 17

Moss Stitch Zigzag, 12

Mutton-Chop Cables, 204

Narrow Dice Edging, 368 Nautical Twisted-Rope Gable. 181 North Star Pattern, 99

Oak-Leaf Edging, 360

Oblong Medallion, 77

Odin's Eagles, 86

Offset Diamonds, 309

Open Bobble, 218

Open Cable with Waved Rib, 177

"Opening" Cable with Left Twisi, 30

Open Shell Edging, 364 Openwork Edging, 368 Orchid Pattern, 309 Oriel Pattern, 289 Ornamental Rib Pattern, 237 Ostrich Plumes, 278 Outlined Check Pattern, 58

Paddle Edging. 368 Palm-Leaf Chevron. 277 Palm Leaf Edging, 382 Palm Leaf with Mesh, 308 Paper Dolls, 334 Parenthetical Rib. 130 Pavilion Pattern, 18 Paving Stones, 112 Pearl Tweed, 42 Pendants, 277 Peri's Parasol, 294 Petal Quilting, 56 Picket Fence, 334 Picot Eyelet Cable, 172 Picot Hem, 342 Picot Point Border, 344 Picot Ribbing, 329 Picot Stripe, 11 7 Pierced Diamond Pattern, 269 Pier-Glass Pattern, 148 Pigtail, 156 Pillar and Web, 135 Pilsener Pleating, 230 Pin Box Pattern, 68 Pine Burr Pattern. 223 Pinwheel Pattern, 313 Plain Scalloped Edging, 355 Plaited Diagonal Stripe, 97 Pleated Edging, 358 Pointed Chevron. 276 Pointed Stripe. 333 Porcupine Stitch, 282 Portcullis Stitch, 224 Portuguese Edging, 383 Primrose Edging, 371 Puffball Plaid, 114 Purl-Fabric Eyelets. 248 Purl-Gathered Edging, 373 Purl Shell Pattern, 224 Purl-Twist Knot, 144 Pyramid, 74

Pyramidal Lace Check, 264 Pyrenees Pattern, 295 Pythagorean Pattern, 15

Queen's Edging, The, 373 Queen's Lace, 299 Quill Edging, 369 Quilted Check, 96

Raisin Stitch, 225

Rambler Pattern, 122

Ramp Pattern, 163

Rank and File Stitch, 21

Rapunzel's Braid, 157

Raveled Braid, 176

"Repeatable" Panels, Three, 254

Reversible-Texture Mosaics, Three, 65

Reversible Two-Tone Pattern, 45

Rib and Braid Pattern, 201

Rib and Chevron. 14

Rib and Purl Cable, 170

Rib and Welt Diagonals, 9

Ribbed Ix-af Panel, 160

Ribbed Leaf Pattern, 151

Ribbing Diamonds, 15

Ribbon Bow, 41

Ribbon Rib, 261

Rickrack Faggoting Stitch, 260

Rickrack Stripe, 89

Rick Rib, 260

Ridge Check Pattern, 36

Right-Twist Ramp Pattern. 164

Ringlet Stitch, 136

Ringlet Stitch Diamond. 136

Ring Medallion. 297

Rings, 200

Ripple and Rock, 175 Ripple Stripe Pattern. 8 Riptide Wave, 195 Roman Stripe, 219 Rope and Diamond, 175 Rosebud Mesh, 287 Rosette Stitch, 123 Round-Edge Ribbing, 328 Ruffled Bell Border, 330 Russian Stitch. 62

Sailor's Rib Pattern, 4 Salt and Pepper Tweed, 49

Sandwich Stitch, 54 Saracen's Crown, 33 Sausage Cable. 179 Scalloped Purl Trim, 340 Scallop Stitch, 21 Scrap-Yarn Afghan Stitch, 95 Scrolls, 32 1 Seafoam Pattern, 218 Seaweed, 10 Seeded Rib Check, 7 Seeded Rib Pattern, 7 Seed-Pearl Block Stitch, 8 Seed Wishbone. 168

Self-Rein forcing One-Row Buttonhole, A, 354

Sequin Eyelet, 252

Shadow Rib, 6

Shark's Tooth Edging, 372

Sheepfold, 1 Gi

Shell and Eyelet Border, 343

Shell Dip Stitch, 108

Sherwood Pattern, 50

Short-Row Pattern, 91

Sickle Edging, 360

Sidccurl Pattern. 203

Skyscraper. 331

Slack Line, 191

Sliding Block Pattern. 65

Sliding Bricks, 62

Slip-Cross Coin Cable, 29

Slip-Cross Double Cables, 29

Slip-Cross Open Cable. 28

Slipped Rib Check, 22



Slip-Stitch Smocking. 27

Slip-Stitch Weave, 22

Small Arrow Pattern, 274

Small Quilted Cross-Stitch, 122

Snail Shell Edging, 378

Snake Border, 348

Snowball Stitch, 116

Snowflake Eyelet, 248

Snow Forest Border, 345

Spade Pattern. 292

Spanish Tile Cable, 188

Spanish Window, 247

Spearhead and Chain, 193

Spider Stitch, 268

Spot and Square, 337

Sprig Pattern, 32

Square Filet Edging, 374

Square Knot, 159

Square Lattice, 7

Star Cluster, 217

Starlight Lace, 288

Star, The, 324

Steep Diagonal Rib, 5

Stirrup Eyelet. 249


Strawberry Pattern, 282

String of Purls, 91

Stripe and Rib Pattern, 44

Stripes and Diamonds, 70

Stripe with Twisted Bars, 260

Stylized Flower Border. 348

Sunburst Check Pattern, 202

Sunray Pattern, 261

Sunrise Shell Pattern, 106

Surprise Pattern, 57

Swag Stitch, 21

Swallowtail Quilting, 118

Swedish Dot Pattern, 49

Swedish Weave, 90

Swing Stitch, 264

Swiss Fan, 324

Swiss Ribbing, 340

Syncopated Tweed. 51

Tassel Border, 338 Tear Drop, 129

Teardrop Pendant on Seed Stitch. 158 Telescope Lattice. 201 Tent Cable, 156 Tent Panel, 155 Thistle Leaf Pattern, 290 Thorn Pattern, 97 Thrce-and-One Mosaic, 63 Three-Color Daisy Stitch. 107 Three Flowers, 111 Thunderbird Pattern. 11 Tiger Eye Pattern, 312 Tight Five-Rib Braid, 168 Tilling Block Pattern, 263 Tilting ladder Pattern, 210 Tiny Bowknoi. 125 Tiny Check, 47 Torchon Lace Edging. 366 Totem Pole, 254

Tracery Pattern, 308

Track of the Turtle, 229

Trellis and Pear, 286

Trellis Diamond, 82

Triple Leaf Pattern, 302

Triplet Cable. 184

Tudor Grillwork, 207

Tulip Border. 347

Tulip-Bud Edging, 357

Tunnel Eyelet, 249

"Turning" Patterns, Two, 91

Turret Edging, 361

Tuscan Pattern, 53

Twice-Turned Check. 41

Twice-Turned Ribbing, 28

Twice-Turned Stitch. 28

Twilled Stripe Pattern, 147

Twin Leaf Panel, 235

Twin Rib, 4

Twin Waves, 189

Twisted Diagonal Stripe, 147

Twist Patterns with Openwork, Three. 152

Twist-Rib Chevron. 157


Two-Color Bind Stitch, 48

Two-Color Dip Stitch, 105

Two-Color Plaited Basketweave, 100

Two-Color Star Stitch, 92

Two-Tone Lattice, 40

Vandyke Leaf Pattern, 307

Vandyke Medallion Edging, 378

Vandyke Swag Stitch, 25

Variations on the Aran Honeycomb, Two, 200

Veined Leaf Panel, 303

Versailles Border, 349

Vertical Chain. 66

Vertical Drop-Stitch, 219

Victorian "Leaf Patterns, Two, 307

Viennese Horseshoe. 290

Vine Stripe Pattern, 272

"V" Panel, 155

Wagon Wheel. 380 Wasp Wings, 302 Watergate Pattern, 54 Wave, 64

Wave and Box Stitch. 44 Waved-Ribbon Stitch, 230


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