Grecian Lace Edging

Every line in this handsome bias pattern slopes gently "downhill" from right to left, terminating at the bound-off scallop. Six repeats of the pattern rows are required to move one series of openings all the way down from the straight edge to the scallop.

Being strongly bias, this pattern is not suitable for a straight edge, such as the side of a table mat or curtain, but must go around something—a sleeve, a skirt, or a round doily, for instance. The first row and the last row can be sewn together invisibly, matching the pattern lines.

Cast on 15 sts and purl one row.

Row 1 (Right side)—SI 1, kl, (yo, k2 tog) 3 times, (kl, yo) twice, kl. k2 tog, (yo)

Row 3—SI I, kl, (yo, k2 tog) 3 limes, kl, yo. k2, yo, kl. k2 tog, (yo) twice. k2 log, kl.

Row 5—SI I, kl, (yo, k2 tog) 3 times, kl, yo, k3, yo, kl, k2 tog. [(yo) twice, k2 tog] twice.

Row 7—SI 1, (kl, yo) twice, (ssk, yo) twice, Ic2 tog, yo, (k2 tog) twice, yo, k3 log. k6.

+2 0

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