Lily of the Valley

Contributed by Bitlie Booth. Pompano Beach. Florida

This pattern, related to Vine Lace Zigzag with popcorn-like knots added, is really upside down: the illusion of the "lily" is more realistic when the pattern is used in a garment made from the top down. But whether is it made to look truly flower-like or not, the pattern is an extremely pretty one with a dainty, ladylike air.

Panel of 27 sts.

Note: Make Knot (MK) as follows: (kl. pi, kl, pi. kl) all in the same st, making 5 sts from one; then pass the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st of the new sts separately over the last st made.

Row I (Wrong side) and all other wrong-side rows—K2, p23, k2. Row 2—P2, ssk. k6. (yo, kl) twice, si 1—k2 tog—psso, (kl, yo)

twice, k6, k2 tog, p2. Row 4—P2, ssk, k5, yo, kl, yo, k2, si I—k2 tog—psso, k2, yo, kl, yo, k5, k2 tog, p2. Row 6—P2, ssk, k4, yo, kl, yo, MK, k2, si I—k2 tog—psso, k2,

MK, yo, kl. yo, k4, k2 tog, p2. Row 8—P2, ssk, k3, yo, kl, yo, MK. k3, si 1 —k2 tog—psso. k3,

MK, yo, kl. yo, k3, k2 tog, p2. Row 10—P2, ssk, k2, yo, kl. yo, MK. k4, si 1— k2 tog—psso, k4, MK, yo, kl. yo, k2, k2 tog, p2.

Pattern Knitting Lily The ValleyLily The Valley Knitting
Lily of the Valley

Row 12—P2, sslc, (kl, yo) twice, MK. k5, si 1—k2 tog—psso, k5,

MK, (yo. kl) twice, k2 tog, p2. Row 14—P2,ssk, yo, kl, yo, MK, k6,sl 1—k2 tog—psso, k6, MK. yo, kl, yo, k2 tog, p2.

Repeat Rows 1-14.

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