Medallion with Leaf

This pattern is attractive as a panel in fancy sweaters such as Aran knits. Or, it can be used to "dress up" afghans, coat sleeves, hats, mittens, or knee socks. There are, of course, many possible variations; the medallions can be larger or smaller, or filled in with purl, seed or moss stitch instead of garter stitch, or featuring some other motif instead of the embossed leaf in the center.

Panel of 19 sts.

Notes: For RT and LT, RRT and RLT, see the Notes to Sheepfold.

Row 2—P8, skip 2 sts and knit into 3rd st, then into 1st and 2nd sts and si all three together from needle (Twist 3); p8. Row 4—P7, RT, kl-b, LT, p7. Row 5—K6, RLT, kl, pi. kl, RRT, k6. Row 6—P5, RT, k2, kl-b, k2, 1T, p5. Row 7— K5, (pi, k3) twice, pi, k5. Row 8—P4, RT, k3, kl-b, k3, LT, p4. Row 9—K4, (pi, k4) 3 times. Row 10—P3. RT, k2, RT, kl-b, LT, k2, LT, P3. Row 11—K3, pi, k2, RLT, kl, pi. kl, RRT. k2, pi, k3. Row 12—P2. RT, kl. RT, p2, kl-b, P2, LT, kl, LT, p2. Row 13—(K2. pi) twice, k3, pi, k3, (pi, k2) twice. Row 14—P2, k4, p3, (kl, yo, kl, yo, kl) in next st, p3. k4. p2. Rows 15 and 17—(K2, pi) twice, k3, p5, k3, (pi, k2) twice. Row 16—P2, k4, p3, k5, p3, k4, p2. Row 18—P2, k4, p3, ssk, kl, k2 tog, p3, k4, p2. Row 19—(K2, pi) twice, k3, p3, k3, (pi, k2) twice. Row 20—P2, k3, LT, p2, si I—k2 tog—psso, p2, RT. k3, p2. Row 21—K2, pi, k3, pi, k5, pi, k3, pi, k2. Row 22-P2, LT, k2, LT. P3, RT, k2, RT, p2. Row 23—K3, (pi, k3) 4 times. Row 24—P3, LT. k2, LT, pi, RT, k2, RT, P3. Row 25—K4, pi, k3, pi, kl, pi, k3, pi, k4.

Row 26—P4, LT, k2, Twist 3, k2, RT, p4. Row 27—K5, pi, k7, pi. k5. Row 28—P5, LT, k5, RT, p5. Row 29—K6, RRT, k3, RLT. k6. Row 30—P7, LT, kl. RT, p7.

Repeat Rows 1-30.

center panel: Club Pattern left side panel: Right-Twist Ramp Pattern right side panel: Left-Twist Ramp


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