Paving Stones

Color Knitted Stitches Patterns
faring Stones

Contributed by Hildegttrd \1. Eisner, Aldan, Pennsylvania

Here is a drop-stitch pattern with purled rows on the right side, giving an impression of rough-hewn rectangular blocks set in a wall or pavement. The wrong side of the fabric is attractive, showing deeply indented Color B knit stitches outlined by purl in the manner of the Two-Color Dip Stitch. (See also Four-Color Blister Stitch.)

Multiple of 4 sts plus 1. Colors A and B.

Cast on with Color A and knit one row.

Row I (Wrong side)—With A. purl. Rows 2 and 3—With B, knit. Row 4—With B, purl. Row 5—With B. knit.

Row (j With A, k2, * drop next st off needle and unravel 4 rows down; insert needle into the front of Color A st in 5th row below and knit, catching the 4 loose strands in st; k3; rep from *, end last repeat k2. Rows 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11—Repeal Rows 1, 2, 3. 4, and 5. Row 12- With A, k4, rep from * of Row 6; end kl.

Repeat Rows 1 12.

Knitter's Choice above First decrease Center: Second decrease below: Third decrease
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