Pin Box Pattern

To see how this clever pattern is constructed, plot it on graph paper. Put all the slip-stitches in their proper positions, and lo and behold, a diamond appears! Yet the motifs are quite evidently square—or nearly so.

Pin Box Pattern is actually made with pin stripes in a diamond formation. The diamond shapes can be seen on the wrong side. The pattern can be varied by knitting, instead of purling, the wrong-side rows; then the "boxes" will come out a little shorter and squarer, and the surface of ihe fabric will be rough and nubby.

Multiple of 12 sts plus 3. Colors A and B.

Note: On all odd-numbered (right-side) rows. Pin Box Pattern s| all sl-sts with yarn in back.

Row 1 (Right side) —With A, knit. Row 2—Wilh A, purl.

Row 3—Wilh B, kl, * si 1, kl I; rep from *, end sl 1, kl.

Row 4 and all subsequent wrong-side rows—Purl all sts knitted on previous row, with same color; si all ihe same sl-sts with yarn in front. Row 5—With A. k2, * si 1, k9, si 1. kl; rep from *, end kl.

Row 7—With B. (kl, si 1) twice, * k7, (si 1, kl) twice, si 1; rep from *, end k7, (si 1, k 1) twice.

Row 9—Wilh A, k2, si 1, kl. si I, * k5, (si 1. kl) 3 times, si I; rep from *, end k5, sl 1, kl, si 1, k2.

Row II—With B, (kl, sl 1)3 times, * k3, (sl 1, kl) 4 times, sl 1; rep from *, end k3, (sl I. k I) 3 times.

Row 13—With A, k2. * si I. kl; rep from *, end kl.

Rows 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25—Repeal Rows 11, 9, 7, 5. 3, and 1.

Row 27—With B, k7, * si 1, kl 1; rep from *, end last repeat k7.

Row 29—With A, k6, * si 1, kl, si 1, k9; rep from *. end last repeat k6.

Row 31—With B. k5, * (si 1, kl) twice, si 1. k7; rep from *, end last repeat k5.

Row 33—With A. k4, * (si 1, kl) 3 times, si 1, k5; rep from *, end last repeat k4.

Row 35—With B, k3, * (si 1. kl) 4 times, si 1, k3; rep from *.

Rows 39, 41. 43, 45, and 47—Repeat Rows 35, 33, 31, 29, and 27. Row 48—See Row 4.

Repeal Rows 1-48.

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