Plain Scalloped Edging

This is the basic edging—a simple construction of increases and decreases, which can be worked in any kind of yarn and applied to anything. Shallower scallops can be made by increasing and decreasing on every other row instead of every row. Also, the number of stitches is optional, and so is the number of rows used to complete a scallop. The only rule here is that the number of increase rows must be equal to the number of decrease rows. Further decoration can be added by working a bobble into the center of each scallop, or coloring the scallops with embroidery, or tying on a fringe.

Cast on 7 sts and knit one row. Row I—K5, inc in next st (by knitting into front and back of it), kl.

Row 2—Kl, inc in next st, k6. Row 3—K7, inc in next st, kl. Row 4—Kl, inc in next st, k8. Row 5—K9, inc in next st, kl. Row 6—Kl, inc in next st, klO. Row 7—Kll, inc in next st, kl. Row 8—Kl, inc in next st. kl2. Row 9—K12, k2 tog. kl. Row 10—Kl, k2 tog, kl 1. Row II—KlO, k2 tog, kl. Row 12—Kl, k2 log, k9. Row 13—K8, k2 tog, kl. Row 14—Kl, k2 tog, k7. Row 15—K6, k2 tog, kl. Row 16—Kl, k2 tog, k5.

Repeat Rows 1-16.

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