Rosebud Mesh

This pattern docs not maintain the same stitch count on every row; but Rows 6 and 8 will have the original number.

Multiple of 10 sts plus 1.

Row 1 (Wrong side) and all other WTong-side rows—Purl. Row 2—K2 tog, * yo, k3, yo, knit into front and back of next st, yo, k3, yo, sl 1—k2 tog—psso; rep from *, end last repeat ssk instead of sl 1—k2 tog—psso. Row 4—Ssk, * yo, sl 2—kl—p2sso, yo, k2 log, yo. ssk, (yo, sl 2—kl—p2sso) twice; rep from *, end last repeat k2 tog instead of the second sl 2—k 1 —p2sso. Row 6—K2, * k2 tog, yo, k3, yo, ssk, k3; rep from *, end last repeat k2.

Row 8— Kl, * k2 tog, yo, kl-b, yo, sl 1—k2 tog—psso, yo, kl-b, yo, ssk, kl; rep from *.

Rosebud Mesh
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