Seafoam Pattern

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Seafoam Pattern

Mh 111

Seafoam Pattern

This simple stitch, when worked in fine yarn, makes the most delicate and lacy fabric imaginable. It is ideal for cobwebby stoles, scarves, bedjackcis. peignoirs, fancy baby clothes, and overskirts for evening wear. It can also be worked in fine cotton for lovely tablecloths, luncheon cloths and place mats. Actually it is nothing but garter stitch—plain knitting—but it is certainly a garter stitch with an aristocratic air.

Multiple of 10 sts plus 6. Rows I and 2—Knit.

Row 3 (Right side)- K6, * (yo) twice, kl, (yo) 3 times, kl. (yo)

4 times, kl, (yo) 3 limes, kl, (yo) twice, k6; rep from *. Row 4—Knit, dropping all vo's off needle. Rows 5 and 6—Knit.

Row 7 — Kl, rep from * of Row 3, end last repeal kl instead of k6.

Repeat Rows I -8.

Seafoam Stitch Pattern
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  • teresa
    How to knit sea foam stitch?
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    How to knit seafoam pattern?
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