Starlight Lace

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Starlight Lace

This deceptively simple-looking lace is very cleverly made. Two different kinds of double decrease on Rows 6 and 14 sharply reduce the number of stitches, thus widening the motifs at these points to enhance the starlike shapes in the openwork. The original number of stitches is restored on Rows 8 and 16. Notice, also, the crossed knit stitches, which help to sharpen the pattern. It is a very fine lace indeed, extremely delicate and graceful.

Multiple of 6 sts plus 5.

Row I (Wrong side) and all other wrong-side rows—Purl. Row 2—K.2, * yo, ssk, kl, yo, ssk, kl-b; rep from *, end yo, ssk, kl.

Row 4—K3, * k2 tog, yo, kl-b. yo, ssk. kl-b; rep from *. end k2.

Row 6—K.2, k2 tog, * yo, si 2—kl—p2sso, yo, si 1—42 tog—psso;

rep from *, end yo, si 2—kl—p2sso, yo, ssk, k2. Row 8—K3, * kl-b, yo, kl, yo, kl-b, kl; rep from end k2. Row 10—K2, * yo, ssk. kl -b, yo, ssk, kl; rep from *, end yo, ssk, kl.

Row 12 — * K2 tog, yo, kl-b, yo, ssk, kl-b; rep from *, end k2

tog, yo, kl-b, yo, ssk. Row 14—Kl, * yo, si 2—kl—p2sso, yo, si I—k2 tog—psso; rep from *, end yo, si 2—kl—p2sso, yo, kl. Row 16—Kl. kl-b, * kl, yo, kl-b, kl, kl-b, yo; rep from *, end kl, kl-b, kl.

Repeat Rows 1 16.

Gothic Leaf Pattern
Gothic Leaf Pattern

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